* "Only connect. . ." E.M. Forster, Howard's End

What I Can Do For You

We'll Meet To Discuss Your Story
I will consult with you to strategically design web content and copy to present yourself and your company in the most effective way to your target audience. This will include in depth interviews to discover all the dimensions of your services, product or presentation. I will develop with you, your individual or company's message and mission as well as the identity that you want to promote. I will suggest web designers or utilize one of many  reasonably priced "off the shelf" pre-designed web products.

How We'll Get The Word Out
I will develop a budget with you and prescribe and implement a program of advertising that may include web and or mobile resources, as needed. This may include:

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  • Suggesting web designers or utilizing one of many  reasonably priced "off the shelf" pre-designed web products
  • Developing web content with you
  • Developing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plans 
  • Choosing advertising outlets such as as pay per click web ads, Facebook pages and or ads. LinkedIn, phone apps, SocialBios, Blogs, email marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Setting up a blog and social media sites and teaching you how to use them effectively
  • Creating and updating information on social media sites on a regular basis as contracted.

Social Networking
I will work to identify social networking methods and sites appropriate to your industry and set up linking programs to keep your clientele up to date on your services, movements, productions, etc. Sites may include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Buzz, Tumblr or others. CSM can maintain the feeds by contract or teach you how to implement and maintain these linkages.

Inexpensive Solutions
Developing your brand and working various networks doesn't have to be prohibitive in cost. I specialize in utilizing services that are low cost or no cost  to put you before the public.

*Realtors Take Note!
Do you have a problem with photographing your listings? I can take beautiful photographs of your listed homes and upload them to the MLS and other online programs. Take a look at these samples. . .  Virtual Tour Inventory WidgetGet Adobe Flash Player