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Monday, March 28, 2011

How To Subscribe to Twitter RSS Feed

How To Subscribe to Twitter RSS Feed

RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication." This is a simple online mechanism that permits you to read all your favorite web content on one page. For example, consider a blog that you like. You would like to visit it everyday to see if the blogger has updated it. You can simply subscribe to the RSS feed of that blog and read the blog contents on your RSS feeder.
Subscribing to RSS feeds enables you to find out whether a blog or website has been updated or not without having to visit it. You can read the contents of several blogs and websites from a common page.

Twitter’s RSS Feed
Twitter’s profile page, home page, replies page, and public timeline page have RSS feeds. When you are viewing one of these pages, you might have noticed RSS buttons in the page’s sidebar or browser. If you want to track the contents of the page without having the sign in to Twitter every now and then, you can just subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Twitter does not have any application enabling users to update their tweets through an RSS feed. However, smart API users have designed an app called Twitterfeed. This app automatically sends any update you make on your blog to Twitter. All you have to do is enter your blog's feed url, input the number of times you tweet. Your Twitter friends will be able to view these announcements. You can access Twitterfeed at http://www.twitterfeed.com/

Twitter RSS Feed
Would you like to read the updates on Twitter without logging in? Then you want to subscribe to Twitter's RSS feed. Check the sidebar of a public profile page on Twitter. You will soon locate the RSS feed button just beneath the pictures of the Twitter users you are following. Now, click on the button and subscribe to it and soon you will be able to read the latest updates on a feed reader without having to log into Twitter.
Your browser’s url field also has the RSS feed button. When you click on this icon, you will be asked to subscribe to this feed. Click on the subscribe button, and you will be able to read all the updates in your feed reader.

Public Twitter Pages
Public Twitter pages, for example a public profile page, can be accessed even by people who do not have Twitter accounts. They simply have to subscribe to the page’s RSS feed and read the updates on their feed reader. In order to respond, however, they need to create a Twitter account

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