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Monday, April 18, 2011

How To Build Your Website For SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most powerful internet marketing tools. If you like to start an online business, then the first thing that you would want is for many people to visit your site. This can only be possible if the website for the company finds itself as one of the top search results in popular search engines. To achieve this ranking, the website owner needs to take care of several things. Those things required creating a website for SEO is briefly given below:

Ways to build the website:

In general you need nine basic things to build a website for SEO. The information is listed below:

· Think Keywords
The search engine moves slowly through your website and the keyword matches the query that user's search. So the website should have more keywords, which makes SEO read automatically, and it will grade your site for best ranking. Including a copy will also help organize the page better so you don't just have a lot of images mucking up the page.

· Additional content
Once the main pages of your website are designed and have copy written for them, we need to think about what kinds of additional content we can create and where we can put links to that additional content. Part of a good link building strategy in SEO is to create well written content that people will want to naturally link to. Whether it's a ‘how-to' series of pages or an image gallery, make sure the designing of the site in a scalable fashion that can be added-to over time. This additional content will be crawled and indexed by the search engines which will help increasing the SEO rankings and traffic.

· To avoid too much flash
The visual effects in your website look very great. But the content or animated cartoon characters will less in a website. Because the website cannot include keywords in Flash pieces or animated cartoons, then the search engines cannot read them and they are useless to the SEO perspective. The search engines are getting better at reading Flash; however just keep it to a minimum. Most of the users of now-a-days do not like to wait for a Flash piece or images
to load onto the page anyway. And page load time will affect the SEO rankings. The website can have SEO the Flash code, if the site does need to use a lot of Flash.

· Out Bound Links
Implementing too many outbound links from the site to another site can hurt the SEO performance. The search engines do not like to see they have too many outbound links pointing to irrelevant, untrustworthy websites, just like they don't want to see too many inbound links pointing to your site from irrelevant or untrustworthy websites.

· H1 Headers
Just to prevent you from having to go back in, we should add a H1 header. The H1 header is nothing but the title of the page. The H1 header should differ from the other text. This tells the search engine that this header is most important on this page.

· PDF's and Videos
Most of People think it is great to add videos and PDF's to their site and that's fine, but they typically will link outside of their site in order to view the content. If you have PDF's, turn them into an actual copy you can put on a page, don't just link to the PDF. The search engine can read PDF in HTML format. The good thing about images and videos is that they can create alternate tags that the search engines can read.

· Site Structure
The site structure will be easy to tell the search engine which pages are very important in this site. By creating this type of site structure the search engine can rank these pages.

· URL Structure
URL is another vital part of SEO. When you are creating websites remember to include keywords in the URL.

· Duplicate Pages
The duplicate page is the simple way to backup the information on the site. If the sites have two unique URL's with the same exact content, and this is repeated over and over again, this could hurt your SEO rankings.

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