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Saturday, May 21, 2011

How to write an engaging 'about me' story

Your ‘About Me' page is probably most important in building rapport with your reader. More often than not, after they have a quick scan of your home page, this is the first page that they will want to read because it will validate you as an expert and justify you as someone to listen to. This is the opportunity for your followers to get to know all about you and it doesn't matter if you are new to this industry; every one has knowledge and life experience that they can share with others.

You need a compelling story that will build trust and credibility and something that fully connects with your readers. If not done properly, I guarantee you, it will cost you money because you will lose the prospects interest and they won't return to your blog.

So how do you do this?

Here's my advice. Now you don't want to exactly copy someone else's format because you need this to be genuine and authentic so let you story evolve as naturally as possible but I do recommend you cover the below points.

1. Brand yourself. Who are you? You generally have 20 seconds to make an impression so make sure at the start of your post you are engaging and show your self in a positive light.

2. The benefit of following you. What will they get from your site? This is vital in narrowing down your target audience. If someone hates dogs, you cant' sell them dog food can you? So make sure you are clear in what you are about so that you also don't lose anyone who may love your content but doesn't know what it is you are sharing.

3. Be transparent. Tell your story….but don't prattle on for hours. Share key points that make you human and relevant to your audience. Try to connect with people through your milestones. For example, you may have been flat broke and found success. The more transparent you are, the more inspiring you will be as people will be able to relate to you and this will build incredible rapport.

4. Share success. But don't lie! Success may be seeing improvement in your business skills or it could be expanding your family. Hopefully it'll one day be that first 5-figure month!

5. Share your vision. What is you ‘why?' Why do you do what you do and why are you passionate about it? People want to know what motivates you and your excitement will fuel there's.

At the end of your story make sure that you reiterate what they will get out of your blog and definitely give a call to action. Tell them to opt in to your email list, or tell them to share the content with their Twitter or Facebook followers because the whole point is to lasso the attraction of your target market and get yourself out there so without a call to action, you may lose this.

Be sure to split your story up into paragraphs and use bold subheadings for each chapter. It's really hard to focus on a huge chunk of print so by breaking it up you'll encourage your reader to continue reading and the headings will sign post each milestone for extra effect. For example "And then i lost it all...." will make them curious to see how you overcome your obstacle and keep their interest.

Also post pictures or videos of yourself that show your personality and reflect your life and what is important to you. You may love travel so show a picture of you on a holiday, or a picture of your family. Make sure that all photos are suitable for a promoting a business but that doesn't mean that every picture has to be a professional portrait. It just means that the photo of you drunkenly singing karaoke dressed as a banana won't make the cut!!

There is so many other things to consider when branding yourself so try to learn as much as possible!

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