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Monday, July 25, 2011

3 Different Writing Styles of Bloggers

In general most bloggers have 3 different writing styles they use when posting that tends to make their content unique. The first thing that attracts most visitors is that the blog content itself is about a subject with which they already have an interest. After that it is the way in which most blog updates are presented that keeps people coming back for more!

Here are 3 popular ways most bloggers use when updating their platform that helps make their content unique and more interesting to readers!

This type of posting borders on ranting insofar as it takes existing topics or issues and injects a more 'personal' take or perspective along with reasoning as to why. People love these type of blog updates because it offers them a 'view' they may not necessarily agree with or a twist they may not have formerly considered. Updating in this way tends to rattle the cages of certain people who feel strongly against the opinions offered! This usually stimulates quite a bit of feedback/debate and this is great for bringing people together in a interactive type of way on the site! This is a GOOD thing!

Everybody has a tendency to view things differently and sharing your 'perspectives' can be very thought provoking for readers. People love to be provoked in this way since it helps them view things in a different light thereby 'stretching' their own beliefs or way of thinking! This type of blog content can even help the reader 'grow' insofar as giving them a broader perspective or even deepen their understanding. You can imagine how much someone may enjoy this affect when it pertains to subject matter with which they have a personal interest!

The really 'pillar' blog content is the type that teaches people new things about subjects of interest to them! Whether it may be personal experience or the result of research any information that serves to teach and inform is generally regarded as quality information. On the flip side however this type of updating is difficult to maintain continuously since new information is not always available! On the other hand whenever something 'new' does arise the blogger should 'run with it' since content unique in this way can easily go viral online!

For the most part there are 3 different writing styles people tend to use when posting blog updates to their site. These styles, as discussed above, serve to make a bloggers content unique which is obviously important in order to keep people returning to the platfor

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