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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 Reasons to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Website

If we had just launched our website, we must go to the second step: get the most visitors! There are several options are available:

• Either we choose to pay using, for example, Google Adwords.
• Either we are interested in free solutions.

Optimizing your website is part of this second solution.

If we go through this article, there are 5 reasons which would be the reason for optimizing your website.

1. The most logical reason is: if you do not make the top 10 or top 20 results, it is as if your site was non-existent. It is rare for a surfer to do research beyond the second page. If this page looks is already very well for you. Only work on the optimization can help you glean places and so you put the top search engines.

2. Target multiple keywords and make sure to rank highly on these keywords is the only way to attract more visitors. It is difficult to accurately predict keywords used by your potential customers. That's why your site should not be frozen at risk of gradually reduce the number of visits. When you set up your optimization strategy, try each week to target a new keyword. After several weeks of work, you may be able to dominate a niche. To improve your credibility, it's a good point.

3. If you do not realize this work, I know people who rub their hands: your competitors. Optimizing a website has become a must for anyone with a website. Your competitors know this and are working hard to rank the top search engines. It would be a shame to miss sales and not to take your share.

4. Optimizing your site also means: add quality content. Indeed, if you're in first place, but your content is not interesting, your work will be useless. On the contrary, if you add quality content, people will stay on your site. You increase your chances of turning that person into your next customer or subscriber goal.

5. In the same spirit as the previous point, you realize this work will appear in a good position on several keywords. Thus, one person may have to visit your site several times a month following his research. The more a person visits your site and it will be easy to draw "in your nets."

Perform work optimization can help you:

• Attract potential new customers.
• position yourself as an expert (thanks to quality content on your site).
• Dominate a niche and to achieve in just more than sales.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/seo-articles/5-reasons-to-search-engine-optimize-seo-your-website-4683093.html#ixzz1SkY7OCIm
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