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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Crash Course on Social Networking

If you are unfamiliar with social networking it can be a bit intimidating at first. There are numerous sites online that you might find that you're at a loss knowing which to sign up for, how to use them, and what each is about. This crash course will help you to learn about each social network before you even begin.

Without a doubt this is the largest social networking website either in the US or Europe. Main features include the ability for you to add friends and keep in touch while at the same time being able to see a constant stream of news to keep you abreast of what is going on with those around you.

The phrase "Facebook me" has become a common thing to hear. Facebook enables you to keep in touch with other people with whom you might have lost contact with.

Using quick, sound-bite sized 140 character messages called Tweets. These can be made up of anything from business tips to general life titbits.

It makes use of what is called a "following" system meaning that you can "follow" others by viewing their Tweets and they in turn can follow yours.

This option means that practically anybody can publish a website without much hassle. Blogging allows people to start a website and soon rank in the search engines. They can publish their ideas and so be of help to many other people who read what they write.

The word 'blog' is short for 'Web Log' and is essentially an online journal. Compared with other sites blogs tend to be updated more frequently.

This option is basically like Facebook for professionals. Here you can upload your resume, employment experience, references, testimonials, and enjoy professional online relationships.

A LinkedIn profile can actually be even more relevant than you physical resume in certain cases, especially for those who are involved in tech related industries.

These are what are called voting based news sites. Other people submit articles which users then vote on. Whenever you browse the front page you get to see the articles that have been the highest rated.

This boils down to news that is selected in a democratic sort of way and by end users instead of by the editors of magazines.

This is a very unique social networking site that aids users in finding websites that they are likely to enjoy. You provide your interests and it chooses the sites by combining that info with your previous habits.

This is the way it works: Firstly, you need to install a browser toolbar. Whenever you want to "StumbleUpon" a new site you simply click the Stumble button and the next thing you know you'll be taken to a random site that the system has decided you might like.

Also a very popular website but the difference with this website is that most interaction is actually done in person instead of online.

It helps people to set up physical meetings where you can get together with others relating to any number of topics such as philosophy, hiking, and even dating.

Your First Interaction with Social Networking

There are many different social networking sites available these days. To help yourself along choose a couple to begin with. You will soon find that it's a much simpler process than you might have originally thought.

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