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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Is Social Media Marketing? Read More About I

This is a question that gets thrown a lot these days as more and more people try their lucks online. People from all walks of life are seeing the potential of the internet as a business platform so they are joining the bandwagon. The problem is that so many of these people are clueless about marketing their businesses online. So if you're one of these people who are beginners when it comes to social marketing, please read on. We are going to teach you the basics of social media marketing and how it's done.

So what is social media marketing? Well, in the simplest of terms, it's an internet marketing strategy that leverages the influence and power of sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc. to build traffic towards a website as well as build such website's online reputation. So if you're posting a link of your website on Facebook, or tweeting it on Twitter, or making a video on YouTube about your website, you are basically doing social media marketing.

It is no secret that social sites are among the most influential entities online. Take social networking giant Facebook for instance. It has over half a billion registered users worldwide. It is the only site to ever achieve this kind of numbers. And that is for Facebook alone. What if you add to this number the users of other notable social sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. These are the reasons why as a webmaster or website builder, you should never ignore and underestimate the power of social media. You should use it for as long and as often as you can. Yes, it can be very time-consuming but it's totally worth it. If you play your cards right, you can easily drive thousands of web traffic to your website using only social media. Thousands of webmasters are doing it on a daily basis. If they can, then you can as well.

One last piece of good advice: do not lose sight of the main reason why sites exist. They were created as communication platforms, places where people can have conversations and have discussions. With that said, majority of your time on these sites should be spent on talking to and communicating with other users. A conversation is a two-way process. So talk, reply, send a message, answer a message, leave a comment, etc. In short, communicate as often as you can with the other members.

We hope this answered your question of what is social media marketing?

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