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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Search Engines prefers websites with plenty of words

The "experts" in the field say that a page in a website, should not have less than 500 words to have a chance of competing for a place in the Search Engines. This is only 1 aspect of the problem of being visible in the Search Engines of course, but it is a good start.

When you decide how you want your website to look like, keep in mind that design might not be the most important factor, writing enough of copy for the search engines to be able to find you, might be more important.

You need to have a good amount of copy for Google and other Search Engines to pick up what your website is about and what it is that you are offering.

Don't put too much effort in shortening your copy. My clients keep saying to me that people don't want to read too much text. This might be right. So keep the most important information at the top of your website and maybe more outstanding than the rest. However, you need words for the Search Engines.

Try to implement as many headings and sub headings as you think would look good and work with your copy. Google reads them as something very important, so use good keywords for your business.

Text that is bold will also be picked up by the search engines as more important information. Try sometimes to make important word within your copy highlighted if it makes sense.

Link important keywords in your copy to different pages within your website. Links are read by the search engines and they are important.

My ultimate suggestion, would be to have an article on the first page where you can easily post new articles any time. The old articles could automatically be placed on "next page", and the front page would have something new regularly. Google will pick up that this is an active website with information growing every month, therefore it might be of more interest to the person doing a search at their Search Engine. Your web designer will probably be able to help you set up a very easy system for you to write your articles regularly.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/search-engines-prefers-websites-with-plenty-of-words-5046544.html#ixzz1SkU91eDk
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