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Monday, July 11, 2011

What Google Images are Associated with You?

Nowadays, the power of Google cannot be denied. Everyone is "Googling" everyone else to find out information. When you apply for a job, when you meet someone new, when you connect with someone, when you're a potential client, business partner or suitor, people are typing your name in Google Search and reading all the information that's associated with your name.

Though you may have Googled yourself recently and looked at the top websites coming, when did you last look at what Google Images are associated with you? What pictures come up when you do a Google Search for your name?

A picture is worth a thousand words and one reputation 
As important as the top websites in Google when you do a personal search, the top images are almost as crucial.Think about this – if you applied for a position in a company, and the employer Googled your name, and the first images that come up are drunken pictures of you in wild parties, do you think that may affect his first impression of you as a potential employee?

It might. It may even come up during the interview, and you'd find yourself scrambling for an excuse or a story to explain away those drunken pictures.

Mistaken identities belong to you, too 

It could also be that the first images to come up aren't pictures of you, but pictures of a person with a similar name. It may become the case of mistaken identity if people assume that's you even when it's not.

So how do you make sure that you take charge of how search engines are portraying you? How do you ensure that the information people are accessing on the Internet about you are truly accurate?

Manage your online image

Well, first, make sure to review all the pictures you have on the Internet. You see, there are no secrets online. What you put up there can be found. Search engines are becoming smarter – they are not only coming up with the websites associated with your name, they are also linking to your Twitter, your LinkedIn, your MySpace and your Facebook account.

When was the last time you reviewed the pictures you have on Facebook? You should also take note of the pictures you are being "tagged" on. You should untag yourself from images you don't want associated with your name, and make sure you update the permissions you have for people who can tag you in pictures or post in your wall.
To create a strong personal brand, it would be good to have a common profile picture of you in all your different accounts online. This includes your social media accounts, your website, and even your messenger accounts. This will result in people associating this particular picture with your name, so they don't mistakenly assume you're someone else. 

And whenever you put content out there that you would like associated with you, then make sure you include the same picture you have in your other profiles as well as the same information or bio about you. Think of a good tagline for yourself and use it consistently in all the online platforms you utilize. 

It's become essential that you know how Google pictures you. But more than that, you need to be proactive with this – you need to take charge of how Google is depicting you. Don't let yourself become the victim of mistaken identity. Make sure you take charge of the images that Google is showing about you.

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