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Monday, August 1, 2011

LinkedIn: An All-In-One Job Source

Facebook has taken the world of social networking to places that no one had ever imagined. Having access to millions of people worldwide from the convenience of your own computer, is an amazing feeling. It has allowed us all to reconnect and stay connected to family and friends across the nation and the world. The social connections that have come about as a result are beyond imagination. Just imagine the same ability to network on a business level that is now possible with the upcoming network site LinkedIn.

Although not as well-known yet, LinkedIn is doing for business networking what Facebook has done for social networking. It is a site that allows people to connect in a professional manner through across, and within, industries to further their careers, or business relations. Unlike Facebook, the information is well categorized by business related categories such as "education", "experience", and business related accomplishments and accreditation. LinkedIn makes it easy to search through individuals instantly to find the right people for a position or that you are intending to connect with for business related reasons.

LinkedIn is an all-in-one job source. It has a professional blog that gives you a leg-up on trending industries and tips to further your career and to stay ahead of the competition. It also has its own job posting site if you are yourself looking to hire a new employee or if you are researching a new career or position. The industries are broken down by area of expertise, making the job search easy and convenient. Also available are expert opinions to help you to recognize what employers are looking for in a candidate. Sometimes finding the right niche to make yourself marketable is difficult. Knowing what the new workplace is searching for is an important part of knowing how to market yourself. The experts on LinkedIn give you insight into how to present yourself in the right light to set yourself apart from the rest.

LinkedIn is the best way to find a match. Some of the members on the site are looking for a position while others are looking to fill a position. Finding those people in a match situation is a great way to find the ideal person for what you are looking for, or in turn the right position for what you are looking for. There is a referral engine as well, that can aid a company looking to hire to weed through some potential candidates quickly and efficiently in a short period of time. Word of mouth, even in this technological age, is still the best way to improve your chances of hiring the right individual.

In this world of faltering employment rates, it is crucial whether you are searching for a career or looking to advance in a current one. In this atmosphere the best way to stay secure is by staying connected. You just never know if or when you will be searching for a new position, making connections will keep you relevant and in a good position if something unexpected should happen.

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