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Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting Good Traffic Flow

Everybody who has an online presence knows the importance of a targeted audience. If you want your site to gather more number of visitors, there are certain steps that you have to take. For starters, the content has to be original and rich. Search engine optimization of content with the right kind of keywords is important, but that does not mean you go berserk with the keywords. Ensure that you write content that is targeted at humans and not at search engines.

The next step is to get your site listed in as many directories as possible. You will be able to get direct traffic from all of the directories that you submit to. It will also improve the popularity of your link. When it comes to Google that is very important. Also make an effort submit your site to as many search engines as possible. Each country has its own regional search engine which is popular there. If you can submit your site to these, it will be more accessible to people around the world who may be interested in the kind of content you have to offer.
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Getting links to your site is very important. The best is to write to the owners of websites that are
complementary to yours. It will be mutually beneficial to exchange links. For example, if you are a hotel website, get yourself listed with airline websites, or if you are a gardening tips website, link with the neighborhood nursery.

It would also be a good idea to buy yourself some banner ads on complementary websites. This works towards improving the kind of traffic to your site. Another way in which you can improve traffic is to invest in a few expired domain names. Look for names that closely refer to something you do. Then check into their traffic when they were active. If the traffic is good, you would be better off investing in them and then diverting the traffic from those sites into your. It is a sure fire way of increasing targeted traffic to your site.

Depending on what your expertise is, participate in as many popular forums as you can. Answer questions in detail and always remember to provide a link at the end so that those interested to know more about you know where to go.

Getting traffic for your site is simple if you follow certain basic principles. These are tried and tested ways of getting traffic to your site.

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